Our CFO services allow your Seattle company to focus on the non-financial elements of your operation with the complete confidence that a talented, high-quality team is attending to the critical financial pulse of your enterprise. Additionally, we keep you informed at every stage and help you make decisions at both prescribed and requested intervals, according to your specific needs. You are free to concentrate on your organization's success.

Accounting is much more than cutting checks and processing invoices…although some of the clients we serve have challenges finding time, resources, and processes for even this small aspect of Accounting. Our CFO services expertly handle your day-to-day bookkeeping and long term accounting needs. The services provided to each client are customized to the needs of each client. We can provide any or all of the CFO services listed below.

Pricing starts as low as $75 per hour, depending on the services needed.

Accounts Payable - a critical process, verifying validity of invoices and expenses. A solid Accounts Payable process can address concerns of criminal activity;

Accounts Receivable - whether this is management of pledges in a non-profit organization or daily cash deposits in a for-profit business, Accounts Receivable procedures can help address poor performance or poor cash flow status;

Collections - another process which, if not handled properly, can affect cash flow, performance and profitability;

Financial Statement Preparation & Financial Statement Analysis - The inability to obtain Financial Statements, or the lack of competency in understanding Financial Statements, can create insurmountable issues in all areas of the business or organization;

Budget Preparation – We will assist with or oversee Budget Preparation, as well as provide sound advice to address staff and/or cost reduction, as well as conduct Board or Investor presentations;

Accounting Systems - Evaluation and implementation of accounting software programs and procedures;

Payroll - If your basic Payroll functions are in disarray, We will help you address these challenges in the interim or on an ongoing basis as part of your comprehensive financial management strategy;

Month-End Closing & Account Reconciliation – We will assist you with addressing every account and creating schedules outlining the underlying details, helping you avoid an unfavorable audit letter;

Project & Pricing Analysis - By evaluating ROI, establishing proposals and plans, etc. we will help your project planners to thoroughly justify proposals and plans and understand potential issues, pitfalls and opportunities.