Why do I need a bookkeeper/CFO?

You must know where your income and revenue is coming from and where your money is going in order to know if your business is profitable. If you are losing money, bookkeeping will let you know how much and from what. You need to know which clients or customers owe you money, which ones pay you on time and which ones pay late or not at all. This is important when deciding if you can safely extend credit terms to a particular client. If many of your customers pay bills late, you need to know how late so you can take action to collect from “problem” customers. You need to know where you are spending money. If you are spending too much in some areas, bookkeeping will clarify your expenditures and help you to develop a plan to save more and spend less.

What software do you use?

I recommend and use QuickBooks® Online or Desktop Version .

Do I have to buy QuickBooks software?

Not necessarily. If you’d prefer to have us track all aspects of your business bookkeeping, I can set up a company data file for you using my software. Then each bookkeeping period, I’ll update your records and provide you with the financial reports you need to know how your business is doing.

What is the best frequency of support?

Most small businesses should be updating their financial records on a monthly basis. Doing so will ensure better accuracy and allow business owners to know where their finances stand at all times. Monthly service also takes away the hassle of holding on to supporting documents for extended lengths of time and, once the books are updated, the paperwork can be filed away and out of sight.

Do you have to come to my place of business?

Not all businesses need (or want!) a bookkeeper working on site. For those business owners, I offer off-site bookkeeping services. I’ll find out what level of technology you prefer to use, then setup a system to share information about the financial transactions affecting your business. If you are tech savvy and love electronic data sharing, that’s what I’ll use. Prefer standard mail? OK with me. Don’t like either of those? I’ll come to your office, collect your documents then work on them at my office.

What is the cost?

I provide a free consultation in order to create a customized plan for each customer. Once I look over your current bookkeeping system, I will be able to suggest a plan that best suits each customer’s needs. Pricing starts as low as $75 per hour, depending on the services needed.