I am very pleased with the results. Stephen has a practical, professional, and service-oriented approach. I find him to be such a relief to the general stress of retail business where there is much to do. He has a focus on finding working solutions. The work he performs is clear, detail oriented and complete. I would not hesitate to recommend his bookkeeping work.

Jay Ashberg, Seattle Shirt Company LLC 

Stephen rescued me – like many small business owners, I was trying to do QuickBooks by myself, and I was doing it poorly. I can't wait to present the year-end documents to my CPA – she'll be so proud and relieved considering the mess I had in the past!

Vance Dingfelder, Nourish Foods Catering 

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and suggestions to get QuickBooks files all set up and teaching me how to set up the accounting systems for my business. I took my information over to my CPA and he said my files were in great shape. You were an excellent teacher and I really appreciate all your support and suggestions you gave me. I will probably still have other questions as we continue our business and might need your support along the way. I look forward to meeting with you again for more ideas and suggestions as our business grows and I need more guidance. Thank again!

Ron Akins, Professional Tennis Instructor 

As an Independent SEO Marketing Consultant I’m used to dealing with complex and financial issues. But for some reason doing my own books is always a pain. Most likely because I only look at them a few times a year. With Stephen, my headache has vanished and I can focus on my real job and servicing my customers.

Rob Walzer, SEO Optimization Expert